Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Folkart Paperclay Bayou Angel Christmas/Mardi Gras Tree Topper

Angels are God's messengers. In the Bible these beautiful beings are sent from heaven to  people on earth to deliver help, warnings, or exciting news. I believe angels use to walk the earth as humans and suffered the trials and tribulations as we do. We are in awe of angels no matter if they look different from us, love differently, have lopsided wings, have purple hair with gold streaks, have a Spanish moss tutu and if their clothes are a little shabby and frayed.  We should love one another just like we would love an angel. When we look at someone who looks differently or doesn't act or behave the way we think they should, let's treat them like they are an angel.

This little angel tree topper looks like it is ready for Mardi Gras or Christmas. It is 12 inches tall.

I made this angel from paperclay. I crocheted the skirt from burlap type yarn. The skirt has vintage moss green rickrack trim. The tutu is made from spanish moss and purple thread intertwined through it. The stars are made of wood and the large one is covered in gold beads. 

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#swampangel #angeltopper

Look for this angel on Etsy soon.