Friday, November 13, 2015

DIY Easy Crochet Loofa Soap Purse (Soap Saver) Made with RedHeart Scrubby Yarn

I have been working on these crocheted little loofa soap purses. I came up with the idea when I was working on a dishcloth and decided I like how the Redheart Scrubby Yarn felt to my skin and would be great as a loofa scrubby with soap inside it. It also works as a soap saver since the soap doesn't have to sit in the soap dish in the shower or bathtub. 

The best dimensions for the loofa soap purse is 3.25 wide x 4.5 long. I single crochet using a vintage INOX +4 crochet (which I think is close to a size E)  hook 3.25 across then 2 single crochets and back across using double crochets. I then slip stitch the sides together and single crochet the strap (handle) and then continue to slip stitch the other side. This size works well with a bar of Ivory soap. 

The one that is a little funny shaped with a bar of Dove soap in it I crocheted 5 single crochets and then made a loop and crocheted inside the loop and then doubled crocheted until I thought the size was right and then added the handle. 

I am still working on the dimensions so I will have to update my blog as I go along. I thought I would go ahead and share since it isn't too complicated if you know how to crochet. You might come up with better dimensions and directions!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Folk Art Wood Carved Christmas Birds

Here are some of my folk art carved birds that I have been working on for Christmas. I like calling them prayer birds because I hope they bring peace, love and joy. They are all different since they are handmade by me, Redbean. :) They are made from walnut, maple, oak, basswood and whatever else kind of wood I can find. I wood burn my design and then paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and acrylics. I use wax or varnish to finish them.